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Q. What is Smartstrand carpet?

A. Carpets featuring Smartstrand with Dupont Sorona polymer certainly are practical and easy to clean, and they are inherently soft and durable as well. This advanced fiber technology provides a natural softness that is proven to perform exceptionally well in wear and durability tests. These carpets carry a Lifetime Limited Stain Warranty.

Q. I’ve seen carpets made from Nylon, Polyester, Wool, Olefin and Polypropylene. What is the difference in terms of wear and performance?

A. First, remember that wear and performance are not the same if you are looking at a carpet warranty. Carpet Wear Warranty is something I’ve never seen applicable in the 30 years I’ve been in this business. Carpets don’t actually “wear out”. If you read the fine print on wear warranties you’ll see they only cover a carpet that loses at least 10% of its fiber. That is why some stores will give a 25-year warranty. As consumers we consider carpet worn out when it flattens and is so dirty it can’t be cleaned.

When the fiber stays twisted and stands up and holds its appearance as new, that’s performance! NYLON is the best when it comes to performance. Quality nylon stays twisted longer and has the best “bounce back” when walked on. Nylon is the most commonly used because it is strong, easy to dye and readily available. There is no stronger carpet fiber on the market today. PET POLYESTER compares with nylon in strength and abrasion resistance. It is naturally stain resistant and unlike the “old polyester” has a higher melting point similar to nylon. WOOL has a soft and rich feel that cannot be duplicated with any man-made fiber. It’s a long lasting and luxurious carpet that naturally resists soiling, crushing and most stains. Wool is also naturally fire resistant. Wool can be more affordable than you think. OLEFIN or POLYPROPYLENE (same thing different name) is the most naturally stain resistant. Olefin is durable in a tight construction but crushes easily and will stay crushed if the carpet is soft and loose. Kraus hot water scours their olefin, which removes the processing oils. These fibers do not attract dirt like other olefin fibers.

Some sort of stain treatment is added to almost all carpets today. All the residential stain treatments will wear off in about 5 to 7 years. If stains are your #1 concern look at the olefin and PET Polyester carpets.

Q. Laminate is very popular and there are so many. How do I choose? Why is there such a price difference?

A. With most products you buy there is good value for the dollar and then there is low price and no value. All laminates will warranty wear, fade and stain. A quality laminate has structure warranty including joint integrity and moisture damage warranty. Many of the cheap laminates cup and delaminate.

Q. Some stores have only carpets they can buy so I can’t compare with other stores. How do I know I am getting value for money?

A. You don’t, unless you can identify the carpet. The store has private labeled the sample so you can’t shop the product. The carpet is not manufactured by the store or the franchise.

Q. What under cushion should I use?

A. We recommend at least a 10 lb 7/16” rebond as the best value for your carpet and your money.

Q. I want to install hardwood but my floor is concrete. What can I do?

A. The recommended solution is to use an engineered hardwood.

Q. My neighbor says I should get a Berber carpet. What is a Berber carpet?

A. Berber means looped carpet.

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